Oxygen Concentrators and Equipment for Rent

Currently we have four top of the line oxygen concentrators and medical equipment available for rent. We will be adding more on the line up soon. These four oxygen concentrators are Invacare PerfectO2 5/10LPM2, Philips SimplyGo Portable, Airsep Newlife Elite 5LPM and Philips EverFlo.

Invacare PerfectO2 5/10LPM2

The Perfecto2 V is the smallest, lightest, quietest and most energy efficient 5-liter Oxygen Concentrator ever produced by Invacare for home care use. Model IRC5PO2V includes SensO2 Oxygen Sensor for ease of peace of mind.

Invacare Oxygen Concentrator delivers years of trouble-free performance. Ideal for stationary home oxygen and it's affordable. The new V series delivers quiet, uninterrupted operation with a 3-year warranty.

The Perfecto2 V incorporates all of the great features of the previous Perfecto2 concentrator: HomeFill oxygen system compatibility, energy efficiency, small size, lightweight, and sound reducing treatments to offer the quietest 5-liter concentrator Invacare has ever produced.

Quiet - Less noise: The new Invacare Perfecto2 V oxygen concentrator is quieter than the Platinum series and the original Perfecto series with it's low 43 decibel sound level rating. Added noise reduction to achieve a sound level of just 43 dba. 60% quieter than the original, the Perfecto2. 92% quieter than Platinum XL concentrator.

Self-diagnostic electronics minimize troubleshooting time. Alarms and safety systems: Battery-free power-loss alarm Invacare® Sieve-GARD™ Monitor protects sieve from degradation Invacare® SensO2® Oxygen Monitor Compressor 35 PSI pressure-relief valve Low flow alarm

Smaller than the Platinum Series Concentrators: The high-performance Perfecto2 V unit incorporates all of the best features of the market-leading Platinum XL concentrator, while significantly improving upon the key specifications of the Platinum XL.

O2 Sensor: The Perfecto2 V (IRC5PO2V) SensO2 feature monitors the purity of oxygen generated by the oxygen concentrator. If purity falls below factory preset standards, indicator lights on the control panel will illuminate.

Save on utility bill, it's Green! 25% more energy efficient than Platinum XL Oxygen Concentrator


Philips SimplyGo Portable

SimplyGo offers continuous flow and pulse-dose delivery in a device weighing 10 pounds. Reliably manage the therapy and lifestyle needs of your patients with just one POC. Simplify patient management - and your business - with SimplyGo.

Three oxygen-delivery modes are available to fit most patients needs:

Pulse mode
SimplyGo detects breath intake and delivers the necessary volume of oxygen

Continuous flow
Continuous oxygen delivery from 0.5 to 2 LPM

Sleep mode
Pulse mode has an increased trigger sensitivity to for use during sleep. SimplyGo switches automatically to 2 LPM continuous flow if no breath intake is detected

philips simply go

Airsep Newlife Elite 5LPM

NewLife Elite Oxygen Concentrator is a 5 liter stationary oxygen concentrator manufactured by AirSep. This O2 device is part of the NewLife series of respirtory therapy designed for homecare use, hospital use and clinical use. The AirSep AS005 NewLife Elite Oxygen Concentrators provide continuous flow oxygen for Therapeutic Respiratory Treatment. It is an economical machine that offers low power consumption at 350 watts of power or less when placed in “Economy Mode.” This therapy devicewill keep your power bill lower than most other oxygen concentrators that have a 5 liter oxygen delivery capacity. This device also offers several alarm features such as battery test, power failure, high pressure and low pressure.

Airsep Newlife Elite 5LPM

Philips EverFlo

Lightweight at 14kg and with easy to roll wheels, the EverFlo is able to be moved easily through your home. If preferred different lengths of oxygen tubing and a longer cannula may be used so that you can move freely throughout the day.

Key Feature

- Humidifier Bottle Holder - Easy to use and compatible with all bottle styles and features a Velcro® closure
- Internal Tubing Storage - Keeps tubing conveniently available for use
- Metal Cannula Connector - Creates secure connections and is more durable than traditional connectors
- Interface Panel - With on/off switch and alarm indicators
- Recessed Flow Meter - Reduces the risk of breakage
- Molded Handle- Easy to pick up and transport with one or both hands
- Light Weight - Just 14kg (31 Pounds)
- Quiet - One of the quietest concentrators on the market (45dbA)
- Easy to Maintain - No provider filter change for two years, no patient filter maintenance
- OPI (Optional) -The OPI (Oxygen Percentage Indicator) is a light on the front of the unit. When the oxygen level deviates from the physician's settlng, the light turns orange and the alarm sounds.
- Full 5-Litre Capacity

Philips EverFlo